Eddie Gomez:
At the Conservatorio in Barcelona
Eddie Gomez
*Photo by Claudio Casanova
Eddie Gomez
Eddie Gomez (2006)
Eddie Gomez
*Photo by Scott Lyons
Eddie Gomez
Eddie started horsing around
at an early age...
Eddie, deep in thought...
Eddie had to learn how to stand
before he could play stand up bass...
Eddie and his Dad, Julio, for whom
he wrote “Love Letter (to My Father)"

The Gadd Gang:
Richard Tee, Eddie Gomez,
Steve Gadd, & Cornell Dupree
The Gadd Gang:
Cornell Dupree, Eddie Gomez,
Steve Gadd, & Richard Tee
  Bill Evans, Eddie Gomez, & Alex Riel (1966)   Bill Evans & Eddie Gomez (1977)  
Eddie Gomez Trio:
At the Conservatorio in Barcelona,
with Stefan and Billy Hart on drums.
Shelly Manne, Bill Evans,
& Eddie Gomez
*Photo by Chuck Stewart
Eddie, Steve, and Mika 1.7.2011 in NYC. *Photo by Steve Singer.
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